Equitable billing of Water Expenses


Equitable  billing of Water Expenses
In housing societies in India, water expense is not metered and charged at an individual flat level. Water usage and the related expenses are equally divided among the number of flats irrespective of actual usage. However, number of residents in a flat and their water usage vary greatly. Some flats have only one or two residents, but others may have six or more of multiple generations. Even in flats with the same number of residents, the water usage varies. Some are very concerned about the conservation of water and are used to not wasting water as a habit. Others may not be bothered or even aware of the issue at all.

The first step towards a fair billing is the measurement of water usage in individual flats. When you measure the consumption at an individual flat level, the overall water expenses can be divided according to the actual usage. This leads to:-

  • Once people are billed for their usage, they will make sure that unnecessary waste is curtailed. People will pay attention to leaks, overflows, and such.
  • Responsible usage – Once there is a comparison data, people will tend to optimize their water consumption.

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