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The whole world is taking steps towards building a more sustainable future where every individual, every community is becoming more aware of their actions. Being responsible citizens, we must be mindful of our consumption habits and take initiatives towards resource conservation. Water is one such vital resource.

We unknowingly end up utilizing a lot more water than we intend to, thus leading to overuse or wastage. Since water is used in almost every single task that we do, it is hard to keep track of how much water is being used or being wasted. Often, water tanks get overfilled and there’s no way to know. This poses a problem for the community and the environment.

This is why we, at Aegir, are here to provide you with a solution to this problem. Check out our Automatic Water Tank Level Controller!

smart water meter

Smart Water Meter System by Aegir

Today’s world is driven by technology. Even monitoring water levels have taken a similar route in this digital age. IoT-enabled smart water systems are the new and advanced way of keeping track of water consumption.

Aegir’s IoT-enabled smart water system accurately measures the volume of water in the tanks, saves it from being empty, and is an Automatic Water Tank Overflow Controller. No more rushing to switch off your water flow when the tank has exceeded its capacity!

Features of Our Automatic Water Tank Overflow Controller

Our smart water system has a myriad of features that could help you and your community conserve more water.

accurate sensors

Highly Accurate Sensors

Aegir uses top technology to create its products. We use superior quality ultrasonic sensors that accurately measure the water level. The sensors can measure up to 7 meters deep.

automatic water meter


The sensors and meters are made with high-quality materials that can work on any surface, tank, and water. It can be used in both residential and non-residential settings and can be customized as per the requirements of the community.

fully automated water meter

Fully Automated

The motor has the ability to be fully automated. What this means is that the motor will be operated automatically and can be switched on and off as per the levels that have been assigned to it. If it drops below the minimum level, it will be switched on, and if it goes beyond a certain level, it will be switched off. This way, the water levels can never overflow.

usage tracking software

Software to Track Usage and Volume

Aegir is a platform that not only provides hardware tools that are Automatic Water Overflow Controller but also a digital software that lets you keep track of volume remaining and gives reports of usage wherever you are, whenever you want. It is a remarkable innovation wherein you get to analyze your own usage and take steps in order to make water consumption more sustainable for your community.

Switch to an Innovative Future. Switch to Aegir.

It is time to make the change. Install our Automatic Water Level Overflow Controller and get reliable and accurate readings of your water levels. It detects leaks and automatically calibrates your water tank level.

What are the Benefits of Using Aegir?

usage records

Keep Records of your Usage

As a consumer, it is important to know in what quantities a resource is being used; is it being used beyond its limits? Aegir helps you become more responsible by giving accurate readings that you can keep records of in the cloud for 3 years.

Cost-Effective Solution

We, at Aegir, do not wish to be heavy on your wallets. We promise your quality and accuracy at an economical promise. The road to a more sustainable future should not be a financial burden.

cost effective water meter
easy installation water meter

Easy to Install

We take care of installing our smart meters in your community. Even if there are multiple outlets, we will ensure that the installation goes smoothly and hassle-free.

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