Want to Take a Step Towards a
Sustainable Future? Use Aegir’s Fully
Automatic Water Level Controller

It’s 2022, and it’s all about making the right choices that will not only be beneficial for us but for future generations to come. As a community, it is important to use our resources wisely. Water is used in almost every task we do, be it big or small. To keep a check on how much and in what ways we use it is crucial. But how do we do that? And what can we do to ensure that we use earth’s most vital resources judiciously and sustainably?

The answer is right here in Aegir’s Fully Automatic Water Level Controller.

smart water meter

Aegir’s Smart Meter System for Controlling Water Levels

Looking for simple yet effective cures for controlling the levels of your water? The future of water conservation lies in installing smart water meter systems. Aegir provides smart solutions that help keep track of water usage. Our IoT-based meters provide real-time and reliable records of a particular area’s water consumption habits.

Aegir’s mission is to help you save water by using an Automatic Water Controller that will keep a measure of it in water tanks and reserves.

What is Aegir’s Fully Automatic Water Level Controller?

Aegir’s Smart Water Meter System is enabled with high-quality sensors that are installed in the water tanks. These sensors then send alerts to the user whenever the water level is below a certain point, where it could get empty soon, or when it rises over a point, potentially leading to water overflowing from the tanks.

This Fully Automatic Water Level Controller, in connection with the Smart Software System, analyses the usage of the water, and the levels are set as per the requirements of the community.

These sensors are made with top-quality materials that can be submerged in tanks up to seven meters deep.

Moreover, our products are fully automated and do not require manual assistance in their process.

smart water meter
smart water meter

Fully Automated IoT Meters - yes, it’s true!

One of the most important aspects of Aegir is the fact that it is fully automated. The Fully Automatic Water Level Controller has sensors that don’t need any intervention at all; post-installation, you do not have to manually go and check your water levels anymore.

Sound too good to be true? The sensors will send alerts through a choice of digital communication such as Bluetooth, RS485/Modbus, Long Range (LoRa) Spectrum Communication, and so on. The choice is yours!

Get Conscious, Get Aegir, Today!

It’s time to make the transition. If you’re concerned about getting an Automatic Water Controller that fills up water tanks and saves water from overflowing, then Aegir’s Fully Automatic Water Level Controller is the correct choice for you.

Why Choose Aegir’s Fully Automatic Water Level Controller?

usage records

Highly Accurate Readings

With our smart and innovative technology, we give you only accurate readings of how much water is being used and give you information about possible overflowing. You will be mindful of your own water consumption levels at all times, giving you in-depth insight and updates in real-time.

Furthermore, all your data gets saved in the cloud for 3 years, so that you can access your files regarding water usage anytime, anywhere.

Our Technology is Flexible

We have designed our meter system in such a way that it can be used at a higher or a lower scale. Our Automatic Water Controller can be installed in both residential and non-residential areas (such as industries, restaurants, etc). Even if you have multiple inlets, our technology and software can work according to the setting you have. Aegir is not only smart, it is flexible and versatile at the same time.

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We are Cost-Effective

We want to give the option of going responsible and sustainable to everyone. Keeping this in mind, we have kept our rate affordable so that all can get access to our top-notch tech products. We provide you with the best Fully Automatic Water Level Controller, without you having to burn a hole through your wallet. Think of it as an investment; you save water and money, and you are covered for a long, long time apart from occasional checks (if required!).

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