PRODUCTS Jan 6, 2022

Ultrasonic Precision Water Meter - Modbus / RS 485 - US-20A(M)

Ultrasonic water meters on Modbus protocol are the best combination of precision and reliability for industrial applications. These meters are the best suited for high-rises and multi-dwelling units as well.


Our ultrasonic meters incorporate a patent-pending design without reflectors or any other obstructions to water. This results in a near-zero pressure impact, which most other meters in the market find hard to meet. These meters are precise (99.8% on average) across a high range.

These meters communicate over RS485/Modbus, industry-standard communication protocol for reliable communication in interference-ridden environments. It can integrate into your existing RS485/Modbus network and BMS/Scada/HMI systems.

Aegir meters are tested by Flow Control Research Institute (FCRI - a premier standards testing laboratory under Government of India) for accuracy. Apart from its high accuracy, tests also reveal that these meters cause extremely low pressure drops (less than 8% of ISO allowed drop). Also, the meters are rated for a high temperature range (up to 80 C) and high pressure withstanding capability.