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Today’s world is facing a rapid decline in the availability of water. Urban and rural regions around the world are struggling to manage water resources against a steep rise in population, the consumer's increasing demand for services that focus on water retention, and skyrocketing costs (including environmental costs) of developing new ways to supply water.

Every person on the earth is dependent on water for survival. Without it, human beings will cease to exist since man cannot survive without water for too long. Even from a commercial standpoint, all the industries are heavily dependent on water in one way or the other. While around 70% of the Earth is made up of water, several parts of the world suffer from a shortage of water, that should otherwise be put to use. Therefore conservation of water is important to protect the environment by ensuring that water is not misused.

According to studies, communities can save more than 35% of water by measuring its consumption. Also, a lot of water is bound to get wasted in case of leakages in the pipelines or any part of the plumbing of the system. A water leak detector by Aegir is an excellent solution to this problem.

What is a Water Leak Detector?


A water detector or a water leak detector is an electronic device that is designed to detect the presence of water in locations where water shouldn't be present. An intelligent system is usually installed to send an alert to the owner well in time that allows the prevention of water wastage.

The device sounds an audible alarm when leaking water is detected. Plumbing leak detectors are usually fitted in areas near any infrastructure where water leaks are most likely to take place. Water leak detectors are mainly used in HVAC systems, water pipelines, drain pipes, dehumidifiers, and water tanks.

Water damage is another very common problem in all infrastructures with a running water supply. Repairs can turn out to be both a time-consuming and expensive affair. Smart water solutions by Aegir are helping consumers manage their personal losses. A water leak detector can potentially mitigate serious water damage. Water leak detection is important because it helps the consumer avoid the loss of personal belongings and save water effectively.

Why Should You Trust the Water Leak Detector from Aegir?

Aegir Water leak detector and Plumbing leak detectors saves over 50,00,000 liters of water in a month across 50+ locations globally. It provides practical and efficient solutions to those who want to save water by monitoring water consumption in real-time. Some of the salient features of the plumbing leak detectors manufactured by Aegir are as follows:

  • The water leak detector by Aegir is completely digitally powered by advanced IoT (internet of things) technology.
  • Aegir never compromises on quality as their Water leak detection systems are highly efficient. Yet these devices are available at very affordable prices.
  • Aegir manufactures plumbing leakage detectors that accurately measures the amount of water that is getting wasted due to leakages in the system.
  • Aegir provides excellent cloud support. All measuring devices manufactured by Aegir are cloud-native. The data collected is safely stored for 3 years and can be accessed from the web at any time.



Only about 2% of the Earth’s fresh supply of water comes from polar ice caps and glaciers. The rest of the 97.5% of the earth’s water is saline and usually not fit for use. While many consider water to be an inexhaustible natural resource, the reality is quite the opposite of this assumption.

When you decide to install the plumbing leak detectors in your home or office, you decide to take a positive step towards water conservation. It means that you actively want to be a responsible human being by using the water supply wisely. As every individual on this planet depends upon water for livelihood, we must do whatever it takes to keep our finite supply of water safe and pure for the next coming years.

The water leak detector manufactured by Aegir helps in reducing the wastage of water by over 35%. Save water today to ensure supply for generations to come.

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