Water Tank Level Indicator –
Types, Purposes, and Applications

At present, human beings are the main driving force behind water wastage and global water shortage. Every day, on average, an individual wastes around 30 gallons of water every day. This can be intentional or unintentional, but the bottom line is that water is being perpetually wasted when it doesn’t have to be.

Aegir has designed a water tank level indicator to help every household stay responsible for saving water. The water level tank indicator is an immensely helpful gadget that aims at presenting information on a control panel about the levels of water in the tank. It states whether the water level is high or low – allowing users to determine the quantity and stop filling the tank when full.

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Main Function of Water Tank Level Indicator

The main purpose of a water tank level indicator is to manage the water levels resulting in saving water. The control panel can also address the water levels by automatically turning on the water pump if the water level is low.

Types of Water Tank Level Indicator

Aegir has been in the industry for a prolonged time. We successfully save over 50,00,000 liters of water per month. We have an array of products that our customers can pick from. The different types of water tank level indicators are


Multi Jet Meters

These are heavy-duty meters specifically used for domestic works. Multi-jet water tank level indicator is curated for intensive uses. These meters have high endurance and are lasting in nature. They have a good hold of precision and can be seamlessly used for medium to tough household works. Their dial is designed with a magnetic drive and is dry to protect from the dust and moisture that can ruin it.

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Bulk Meters

Bulk meters, commonly referred to as the Woltman type water meter, is curated for flow rates greater than Qn 15 m³/h. These meters provide low head loss in situations with high flow rates. These meters are crafted for high volume places and ensure accurate readings. They have high consistency and is reliable for long term use.


Smart AMR Meters

AMR or automatic meter reading is an automatic reader that is very authentic in nature and suitable for both domestic and commercial purposes. These meters of Aegir have the ability to track and automate the usage collection. There is another beneficial function performed by this meter. It offers correct billing information as it is paired with a safe metering and billing software. It is suitable for individual apartment units, blocks, and even entire buildings.


Ultrasonic Meters

This is specifically designed to provide precise and correct readings in risky water conditions. If you are looking for a water tank level indicator for high-intensity work then this meter is the fitting choice. It is immensely resilient, very robust, and is precise in nature.

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Benefits of Aegir's Water Tank Level Indicator

Our years of experience have provided us with the opportunity to offer our customers with the best of the products. Below are a few of the benefits offered by a water tank level indicator.

  • Seamless installation process
  • Low maintenance
  • Solid design
  • Automated system guarantees adequate water levels that don’t result in dry pumps
  • A great way to save on water as well as electricity
  • Prevents seepage of walls and roofs caused by tank overflows
  • Saves extra stress involved in manual labour
  • This is suitable for long-term and consistent operations

Applications of Water Tank Level Indicator

Water tank level indicator is advantageous for different kinds of spaces. The usage is not limited to only an apartment or an office space. Below are all the applications of the water tank level indicator:

  • Home, apartments, buildings
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Commercial spaces like swimming pools and residentials as well
  • Factories
  • Spaces having cooling towers
  • Vehicles requiring water level indicators
  • Single-phase motor and three-phase motors
  • Single-phase submersibles
  • Open and bore wells
  • Sump pumps
  • Water level indicator used for water tank
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All these places require distinctive kinds of water tanks like float switches, water-level controls, float-less level indicators, hanging water level sensors, electronic water level indicators, and more. The biggest reasons why people opt for Aegir’s water tank level indicator is because of its power and money-saving abilities, automated state, and precise readings. All in all, a water tank level indicator is mandatory for every household, considering the wastage we encounter every year.

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