Faucet Aerators


Faucet Aerators
A faucet aerator is a small device that is attached to the end of the faucet. Most modern piping fixtures has an aerator that comes along with it. A low flow aerator can be fitted on taps separately as well. It mixes air into the water flow and gives a smoother flow without splashing. Aerators uses less water in the same amount of time, but there is no noticeable change to the use due to the aerated flow.

How does it look?

A faucet or tap aerator is a small round device that is screwed into the end of your tap. It is usually a plastic or wire mesh that can break down the flow of water and introduce air to it. A flow restrictor also might be part of the structure. It is a small disk with a hole in the middle to limit the water flow.

Aerator Design

What is its purpose?

  • Helps save water – Aerators reduce the flow while maintaining a feeling of adequate pressure.
  • Smoother flow – Aerators helps in the flow of water from the tap and the water feels smoother. There is less splashing in the sink/basin.
  • Aerators were introduced as a device for improving the taste of drinking water due to the added oxygen.
  • Since there is a mesh screen, it acts as a filter. Aerators need regular cleaning when the water flow becomes reduced.

Aerators are the single most effective device in saving water as per studies.

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