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Communication Hat - Protocol Converters - Retrofit


Upgrade your water management with Aegir's Retrofit Protocol Converters. Ideal for smart water meters, cloud-based IoT system, water level monitoring.

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Iot conversion hats

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  • Convert legacy meters
  • Pulse Count or RS485 Modbus input
  • Lora or RS485 output (via Gateway/BMS)
  • Optional GSM or WiFi output (no Gateway)
  • Cloud Based
  • Mobile & Web App
  • Online analytics available
  • Rate of flow indication
  • Remote reading
👍 Best suited for Commercial Buildings, Industrial Spaces & BMS


Compatible MetersPulse / RS485(Modbus)
Output ProtocolsLora / RS485(Modbus) / GSM / WiFi
Lora RangeUp to 2km
GSM Capability2G / 3G / 4G
IP RatingIP65
Power5-12V DC
BatteryOptional (for RS485 in Lora out only)


Convert your legacy infrastructure without investing on new meters and calibration again. Our communication hats can convert your legacy meters into smart IoT meters, and get the data to cloud. This can help you meet compliance requirements where online data availability is a regulatory requirement.

Naming of the Hat

CH=Communication Hat
Input Protocols: PC=Pulse Count / MB=RS485 Modbus
Output Protocols: L=Lora / M=Modbus / W=WiFi / G=GSM
Optional Features: B=Battery

Example: CHMB-LB is a hat on a Modbus meter with Lora out and running on a battery.

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