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Ultrasonic Precision Water Meter - LoRa


Ultrasonic Water Meters, integrating LoRa and IoT technology for precise, cloud-based water flow measurement. Upgrade your water management system.

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Digital iot meter

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Fcri certified


  • Highly Accurate
  • ISO 4064:2014
  • Leakage Alerts
  • No Pressure Drop
  • Does not measure air
  • Cloud Based
  • Mobile & Web App
  • Online analytics available
  • Rate of flow indication
  • Configurable LCD display
  • Remote reading
👍 Best suited for Villa Communities & Large Industrial Spaces


Temperature ClassT50
Max Pressure16 Bar
Pressure Loss0.05 Bar
Water Channel MaterialCPVC
Enclosure MaterialABS or PC
IP RatingIP68
Mounting OrientationAny (H, V, slant)
Accuracy Class2
Resolution Error0.02%
Average Accuracy99.45%
ISO CertificationISO 4064:2014 (Q3=1.6m3/h)
Measurement Capable RR1500 (0.08 to 120 lpm)
CommunicationModbus / Lora
Battery Life8 years (optional)
Valve TypeActuator Based (optional)


These meters communicate over LoRa, low power long range radio communication protocol. It can integrate into a Lora gateway and uplink via the gateway to a cloud server. Ultrasonic water meters on LoRa wireless protocol is suited for precision measurement in a spread-out space, places where wired networking is not feasible. These meters are best suited for villa communities and large industrial spaces.

Aegir meters are tested by Flow Control Research Institute (FCRI - a premier standards testing laboratory under Government of India) for accuracy and other parameters. Apart from its high accuracy, tests also reveal that these meters cause extremely low pressure drops (less than 8% of ISO allowed drop). Also, the meters are rated for a high temperature range (up to 80 C) and high pressure withstanding capability.

Naming of the meter

Available Sizes (in mm): 15/20/25/32
Communication: L=Lora / M=Modbus
Optional Features: B=Battery / V=Valve

Example: US20-LB is an Ultrasonic meter of 20mm size, with Lora and Battery, no Valve

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