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Aegir Water Management Platform

Digital IoT Meter
FCRI Certified
Real-time Monitoring
Real-time Monitoring
Access real-time water usage data anytime through mobile & desktop applications
Cost Saving
Cost Saving
Efficient water conservation translates into significant reductions in your water expenses
Detect Leaks
Detect Leaks
Get notifications on your app when any pipeline has a leakage or abnormal usage
Better Environment
Better Environment
Contribute to greener and better environment through efficient water usage
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50+ Locations
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Digital IOT Meter
Digital IOT Meter
This cutting-edge technology empowers you to monitor real-time water usage, detect leaks, and save money, all while contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly world.
Cloud Based
Access your water consumption data in real-time from anywhere, at any time, for an effortless and convenient way to track and optimise water usage.
Leak Detection
Leak Detection & Notification
Experience peace of mind with our Leak Detection & Notification feature – instantly alerting you to potential water leaks, helping you avoid costly damage and waste.
Usage Analytics
Usage Analytics & Insights
Gain valuable insights into your water usage patterns with Usage Analytics, allowing you to make informed decisions for a cost-effective water management strategy.


Turn-Key Installation

Step 1

Install meters on key pipelines

This could be multiple meters per household, and in ducts if required. All readings can be combined as one house or department.

Step 2

Data transfer to gateway

From our meters we use wired or wireless connections to a gateway, based on nature of the location and requirements.

Step 3

Gateway to cloud and back

Gateway transfers data over to our cloud servers on a WiFi or GSM network. This is processed and made available on your mobile / desktop app.

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We were buying 130-140 tanker loads of water a month. With usage reduction using Aegir, we are now buying none. Zero. Our maintenance bill has come down significantly with he help of Aegir.
Victory Harmony
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“Our water usage came down by 32% within few months of installing the meters. We were also able to detect volume mismatch in supply, thus saving nearly 40% on our water bill.
Akul Residency
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We are thankful to the Aegir team for proposing and installing the Aegir Tank Level Monitor Solution for 38 OHTs in our complex. Our water intake is clearly lesser by 1.2ML per month.
DLF Westend Heights
Frequently Asked Questions
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Not necessary. Our system is designed to measure on multiple inlets as-is and aggregate the usage and billing under one connection. Having said that, if it is more economical and simple to merge, we will help you with that as well.

Once you place the order, we need a lead time of 2-3 weeks to plan and start installation. Installation itself would typically take 6-8 weeks based on the size of your community.

There is no MoQ. But then, due to the way our network is designed, our systems are more cost-effective with more meters.

One point to draw AC power from is required. We will take care of the rest turn-key, including power backup and internet connectivity.

If power is down, our backup system keeps running the meter for up to two days. If network connectivity is down, readings are accumulated in the gateway until connectivity is restored.