ARTICLES Jun 2, 2022

Frequent Queries about Aegir Water Management Solutions

Compilation of a few questions that we get usually, and their answers.

How do you detect leakage?

One commonly used method to detect leakage is to look for low rate of flow and flag them as leakage. This is the approach most meters take. This has two major flaws viz., missing a high volume leak (like toilet flush) or flagging actual low usage like water purifiers as leaks.

This is why Aegir takes a Standard Deviation based approach, where a steady flow is flagged as a leak irrespective of its rate of flow. We look for a 10-minute interval with a low-variance flow and flag that as a likely leakage.

Can a leakage alert be a false positive?

Though unlikely, it is possible that we flag a regular usage as leakage. It is unlikely because humans hardly ever have a reason to use a steady flow for 10 minutes straight. It is possible because there are rare instances of steady use. If you are getting 3+ alerts of a leak, you can be certain that there is some kind of leak. If there are one or two alerts which does not repeat, you can safely ignore that.

How do you detect a dead meter?

If a meter which is not marked as away or inactive does not report any reading for more than a day, then it is flagged dead.

I am not getting alerts. How to troubleshoot?

Make sure you are subscribed to alerts. This can be checked in the Profile tab in Aegir app. The Alerts & Notifications toggle should be turned on (shows green). Apart from this, make sure your browser (preferably Chrome) allows notifications from In Chrome this comes under : > Settings > Notifications > Sites.

How do I know these meters are accurate?

Our volumetric and ultrasonic meters are both certified by Flow Control Research Institute of India for accuracy above 99% in their flow ranges. Every single meter that we ship out is compared against the certified golden meter to ensure accuracy.

Can we use these meters for hot water?

These meters are tested for water temperature up to 80 degrees celsius.