Enhance Smart Water Management with Advanced Water Level Monitors


Enhance Smart Water Management with Advanced Water Level Monitors
In smart water management, monitoring water levels automatically is important, be it a reservoir, sump, overhead tank or bore/open wells. Water level monitoring along with automated motor control reduces labor cost and water wastage. Manual monitoring and control can lead to overflowing or dried storgage due to manual errors but can be virtually eliminated through continuous automated monitoring.

A level monitoring at a home or apartment level can save water by reducing wastage, and along with other technologies like automated metering can significantly impact the money spent on water. As important as it is, liquid level monitoring in areas where high volumes of water are used is even more important. In agriculture and industry, availability of water, and a constant supply is especially important. Liquid level monitoring can ensure supply and preempt measures in case of any future perceived disruption.

Smart water management has many components. Water level monitoring is an important cogwheel that enables automated supply management, smart irrigation, and the like.

At Aegir, our patented level monitors are highly precise and convenient to install. It can monitor water (or any liquid) level and automate refilling or transfer. It also measures the volume consumption from each tank.

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