World Water Day: Advocating for Sustainable Water Management Systems


World Water Day: Advocating for Sustainable Water Management Systems
World Water Day is an annual event observed on March 22nd to highlight the importance of freshwater and advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources worldwide. Established by the United Nations, World Water Day serves as a reminder of the significance of freshwater and the need to address water-related issues.

The theme for 2022 is Groundwater, Making the Invisible Visible.Groundwater is the largest source of freshwater on earth, accounting for almost 99% of all liquid freshwater on earth. In many areas, groundwater is the only source of freshwater for domestic, agricultural and industrial water needs. However, groundwater levels are depleting due to excessive extraction of water than is recharged by rain and snow. Existing groundwater is also being polluted due to seeping in of pollutants from the surface, sewers and polluted rivers. Groundwater pollution is a virtually irreversible process.

Due attention should be given to protecting groundwater against pollution and overexploitation, for a sustainable use of this fragile and precious resource.

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