Let's Celebrate June 5 Environment Day


Let's Celebrate June 5 Environment Day
This Environment day, UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration will be launched. Human activities has adversely affected and destroyed a major part of Earth's ecosystem. The rainforests are making way for agriculture every second and we have already destroyed 50% of the sensitive ecosystems of wetlands and coral reefs in the world.

We cannot reverse the time, and limiting the damage in itself is not enough for even the mere survival of the uniqueness we call the Earth. That is why a decade long inititative to restore the ecosystem is being launched. The aim is to restore and repair some of the damage done to ecosystems and biodiversity. The beneficial effects of ecosystem restoration include increased food and water security and contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Let's celebrate the environment day this June 5th, while making eco-friendly lifestyles a habit.


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